About Us


Welcome to the Smart Diet and Fitness about section. In this section you'll learn more about what we're about and why we exist, as well as some of the features of our website.

I started Smart Diet & Fitness because I myself had decided to change my life for the better and decided to start going to the gym and eating more healthily. However throughout my journey I came accross many different difficulties and barriers from motivation to injuries and just general knowledge. I decided to make this platform to ensure people using this platform didn't fall at the same hurdles I did and could have a easier process to reaching their goals and beyond. I wanted this platform to be as personalised as possible suiting everyone of different needs which is what you see today.

The Basics

Step 1 - Memberships

To start with, you will choose which membership you would like. We have three memberships availiable and are listed below.

Free Membership

An account to see if Smart Diet & Fitness is the website for you. The free account may not have access to all features on the website but we have not been skimpy with the free account, still having the main features of the website. This is not a limited trial and you can use this free membership as long as you want.

Gold Membership

With the gold membership, you have access to all of the features that were locked in the free account. This includes the; running route planner; injury log and check; bad habit reduction programme (smoking, drugs etc.); extra daily tips; and more. The only thing you will not have access to is the food straight to your door programme (coming soon) availiable in the platinum membership.

Platinum Membership (Coming Soon)

With a platimum membership you have access to every feature of the website. In addition you will have access to our food to your door programme, where you select your meal from the options and we will send the fresh foods directly to your door each week along with recipe cards as well as links to video recipies on our website that are also viewable on out youtube channel.

Step 2 - Planning

Fill in a few questions about your physical statistics, time constraits and food choices using our quiz and we'll create you a diet and fitness plan for you to follow.

Step 3 - Tracking

The diet and fitness plan we created for you will then be used as template in a calender format for you to follow. At the end of the day you can then select whether you did any or all of the things on the list and you can add your own. Food and exercises will be used in the calender as well as other things availiable in premium membership.

Step 4 - Performing

We also help you to perform the exercising with videos to follow along with during your workouts as well as text alternatives. We also have video and text recipies to match with the diet plan we created for you.


We really want to be a project improved by the community and always love to hear your experiences whether they are good or bad. You can get in touch with us for any reason on our website or on our social media.